Ladies jump while performing a dance

Dance Like Everybody’s Watching

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Ladies jump while performing a dance

Yes the title of my post is slightly different than the cliché but it was on purpose.
To dance like nobody’s watching implies that you should be carefree and do was you please.  If you are awkward, silly or out of rhythm, it’s okay, nobody can see you or you simply shouldn’t care.

I’m thinking of putting a different spin on the old saying.

Women dancing at Life Changers Gala

To dance like everybody’s watching is to perform in such away to motivate and lead.  When everyone’s watching, you take your time to get the moves right, to stay in tune.  As all eyes are on you, you can inspire someone to follow your footsteps by performing a spirited performance.

It may be more fun to be happy-go-lucky and not worrying about odd stares or whispers; just dancing the night away.  But I think there is a greater good but being focused and intentional with each movement.

Woman Dancing Ladies dance performance with flags Women dancing with flags 2 women dance performance Women Dancing at a Gala Women dancing at event Ladies dancing at a party Women dancing at Elite Banquet Hall Woman doing a dance Woman doing a praise dance

I say, why not strive to be the best and be gracefully accurate and help others aspire to do the same.  Remember somebody’s watching.

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