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Surviving an All-White Dress Code BBQ Party in Pickering

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As a confessed germophobe I pretty much try to avoid anything gross as a lifestyle so I’m already keeping an eye open for potential gross-ness; imagine having to worry about keeping clean at a BBQ?
For the 3rd straight year the Elliston Family held their BBQ party in Pickering with the strict dress code; you must wear white.
But adhering to this code is not easy even for a germ-avoider.

The Elliston Family smiling


Imagine the set up it takes to achieve an all white outfit.  You shop around from store to store and put together white pieces from top to bottom.  Then you need to actually put on the garments and you might feel like it’s a task just to arrive at your destination without a wrinkle or blemish.

Ladies dancing in the kitchen at the BBQ Party


Any amount of accidents /incidents could happen to ruin your all white attire:

  1. That delicious chicken can slip out of your hand, bypass your make-shift bib and jog across your pants and trampoline on your sparkling shoes.
  2. During a hug from an old friend who you haven’t seen since the LAST BBQ, your shoe gets an imprint of the gum from their shoe.
  3. Make up on the shoulder (happens all the time to me, I’m a hugger)

Friends taking a selfie at the BBQ Party in Pickering

“Just keep taking chances and having fun.” – Garth Brooks

Ladies posing at a BBQ Party in Pickering Family photo at the BBQ Party in Pickering

Men posing at the BBQ Party in Pickering DJ Skin smiling with headphones on at the BBQ PartyDJ Skin playing music on his laptop


There was food, friends and the man of the house, DJ Skin (@therealdjskin on Instagram), spun the tunes in-between his hosting duties.  I would have been more than happy to take over the wheels of steel if I didn’t have to hold my Canon Camera.  Probably for the best.


Well, when it was all said and done, I avoided any major catastrophes with my whites on and not because I starved myself or stayed away from human contact; I ate and interacted.  It’s only once a year; I should be able to socialize and have a good time without maintaining a 6 foot perimeter.

Thanks to the Elliston’s for opening up their home, showing off their individual talents (DJing and dessert cakes).

Here are some candid photos and photobooth pics as well.

Can’t wait for round 4 next year!

BBQ Party in Pickering

SI the “So fresh, So Clean” Photosapien