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The Caribana Weekend “Friends Boat Cruise” by Ian, Tim & Germaine

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I spent my Caribana weekend chasing after Brides, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen so I missed the parade festivities but on the final day of the long weekend, I had some non-work on the lake fun.

Entertainment for Kings (Instagram @entertainmentforkings) put together their annual last lap Caribana festivity, the Carnival Monday Friends Boat Cruise.   This is an grown folks affair that brought together Toronto’s top DJs and lots of familiar faces on Toronto’s River Gambler harbour boat.

No Showers

The River Gambler has been hosting parties for over 30 years and is docked at Pier 31 in Toronto.  The chance of rain forced the crew to cover the top deck with a tarp but that didn’t damper the festivities.  This better safe than sorry mentality avoided a lot of people from having to sardine themselves on the lower covered deck if there was no tarp and the showers came.

Hey, I Know You!

I nearly didn’t even make it to the River Gambler because of all the old friends I kept bumping into in the parking lot!  I was telling someone that I got my money’s worth just seeing and socializing with old friends who I haven’t seen in 20+ years with out even getting on board!


“Reggae music gave me everything I have in my life” – Spex Da Boss”

Remember Way Back When

The nostalgia continued as Spex Da Boss (instagram @spexdaboss) took the crowd through a musical journey and reminded everyone about the old school basement parties in Malvern and his beginnings as a DJ.

The Food

Tasty’s Caribbean Cuisine provided the eats for the afternoon.  I wanted to eat more but after shooting 2 weddings in the 2 days before the cruise, I had already over done it.  Cheat day turned into cheat weekend.  Bruh.

Tasty's Caribbean CuisineTasty's Caribbean Cuisine desserts

Another successful event went off without a hitch and that is the end of Caribana weekend.  Here are a few more photos from the afternoon on Lake Ontario.

Kardinal Official at the Caribana Friends Boat Cruise

Kardinal Official made an appearance

Party sounds the horn on the Caribana Friends Boat Cruise Lady parties with a cold drink on the Caribana Friends Boat Cruise Model smiles on the Caribana Boat Cruise Happy couple dancing on the Caribana Boat Cruise Man poses for a picture on the Caribana Boat Cruise Woman dancing on the Caribana Boat Cruise. Ladies on the Caribana Boat Cruise

SI the “Feels like 1995” Photosapien

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