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Baby Showers are the glorious party to celebrate the coming of a child or children.  There’s nothing worse than hosting a party you’ve taken time and the expense to plan and carry out and your guests end up being bored.  There are a few ways that will make your Baby Shower or Jack and Jill party a success.


Making sure the space where the party will take place is important to the success of the party.  If the venue has too many stairs, bad parking, is too small or too large or doesn’t have free wifi, it might be time to look elsewhere.


Nothing can sink your party boat faster than BAD FOOD.  I am privileged enough to eat lots of catered meals as a wedding photographer and I can tell you, guests will complain and talk bad about crappy eats.  On the other hand, you NEVER will forget where you bit into that delicious steak.  Or how your stomach rejoiced when you ate that stuffed chicken thing as the 9th course of the evening.  You don’t need to remember what the meal was called, only that is was fantastic, who’s event it was served and where it was served.

Make sure you don’t forget to end the night with sweet treats!  If I’m at your event, I’d appreciate ANYTHING chocolate.

3) Event Host

The party needs an organized flow to it.  Enter the Emcee.  The Host or Hostess who knows what they are doing will make sure the party easily transitions from introductions to food to games to it’s dance floor time.  It helps if they have a few jokes in their arsenal.

4) Games

What is a party without some games to embarrass a few guests?
Since the aim is fun and entertainment, prizes are not necessary just bragging rights.  Baby showers give you plenty of options of kiddie contests/guessing games for adults.
If you stumped for ideas, check out these 41 games ideas for your shower from the Momtastic blog.

5) Guests

The people!
Your guest list is made up of the important people and it’s great to have them BUT I sure hope that on that list you have some good sports who can have fun.
Since you probably will have games and speeches planned, crowd participation will (or lack thereof) will affect the vibe.  Hopefully the Emcee won’t have to beg people to play the games; I’ve seen it and it’s painful.

6) The DJ

Tunes are the mood setting ingredient to a party; Baby Showers are no different.
The people handling the music provide that all important backdrop to the events’ goings on.  Light music during dinner is much more better than the sound of people chewing and forks scratching plates non?
Your event doesn’t have to be an all out party, but a DJ spinning some old and new classics could very well liven things up.
An experienced DJ knows when and what to play.

You might be wondering why I left out the Photographer.  Well, it’s because I was only mentioning elements to make you party pop at the time OF the party.  Party photos generally come after the event is done so that’s why there’s no talk of the very important, memory rejuvenating, Photographer.  That being said make sure you hire an experienced Photographer!

If you want to make sure that your party’s best moments are captured for printing and sharing, be sure to contact me!

SI “the Baby Party” Photosapien

Venue: The Estate Banquet & Event Centre
Desserts, Cake & Candy Treats: Found of You Cakes, Instagram:@FONDOFYOUCAKES

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