Jay and Tracy | Toronto Engagement

Hey everyone.

Today’s entry in the Photosapien’s blog is the engagement session at Edwards Gardens with Jay and Tracy which I teased about previously.

No need for me to reiterate the potential of this shoot not happening I am just happy that Jay and Tracy were REAL troopers and braved the little rain and cold to get this done!  Big shout out to Tracy who fought through the potential of her hair frizzing with the wet and wind.  She didn’t miss a step thanks to her lady gear she brought on the shoot. Man, you ladies have it rough!

Nothing is better than the summer heat in my opinion BUT for outdoor photos nothing beats the visual appeal of Fall shoots. Nothing. The colours, a little wind (not enough to frizz) to kick up hair and it’s not uncomfortably hot for a 2 hour shoot.  Not everyone is like me in that I like it uncomfortably hot.  Blame the Barbados/ St. Kitts blood in me.

Enjoy the pics.

~SI the “No Frizzing and No Frazzling” Photosapien


January 25, 2013 - 10:39 pm

Aliya - Shel…great work as usual…but also, really great subjects!
Beautiful shots you two Lovebirds!

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